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Monday, March 10, 2014

Born to Pull

Daria: It is time to go running.
Me: I think you need the morning off; you are probably still sore from last night.
Daria: I am not.
Me: Are you sure? You should definitely be sore!
Daria: Yes, I am positive; I think I would notice if my muscles hurt.
Daria: Actually, I see what is going on here; you are the one who is sore, tubby.
Me: Hey! That is not ... ok ... that is completely true.
Daria: Right, i'll grab the harness while you grab the bike
Me: Ok.
Chief mechanic Loki inspecting the very exhausted moped engine

I have spent the past two years getting my arm snatched off by a husky.  I have a leash trained Shiba Inu and a foster dog who is pretty darn close to being leash trained, but Miss Daria is in complete arm snatch mode 24/7.  In fact, let me rephrase this in the form of a graph.

After two years of pretending to be a tree and randomly changing directions when she pulled on the leash;  all I accomplished was a sore shoulder and a frustrated husky.  She now has a healthy outlet for her excess energy.  Seriously, who needs nuclear fusion; we have a husky rescue.  All we really need is some giant hamster wheels hooked up to generators.  

A few warnings, cautions, and notes for any of you interested in getting involved in bicycling with your husky.  It can be very difficult to train a husky to walk on a loose leash after training them to pull.  It is possible, and has been done, but it will certainly be a much larger challenge.  Second, asphault and concrete is very hard on a dogs feet; you should not take them very far on pavement.  Third, find a quality cross-back dog harness.  A normal harness will only lead to your husky getting injured.  Also, be warned that your dog can back out of those harnesses, and if you think your dog is one who will likely take it as a chance to escape then you should buy belly band attachments for your harness which loops around the dogs stomach to prevent backing out.  Finally, take it slow.  This should be fun, and sore muscles are not fun for anybody.

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