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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cruz Control

Cruz: The first team is heading into Nome!
Cruz: I want to run the Iditarod when I grow up!
Daria: Lets build our own team.  I can be the lead dog.
Loki: I think I would make the best lead dog, my large size when combined with my intelligence would work well there.
Daria/Cruz: Your .... large .... size?

Loki: Yeah, in case you guys haven't noticed, I am the largest dog here.
Daria: Right, sure thing Scrappy Doo.

Cruz is a fun dog to work with.  Throughout his tenure at Loki University he has successfully mastered the art of door opening and getting his way by looking cute; necessary skills for any canine.  I think he wants two things out of life.  One, he wants cheese, lots of cheese.  He wants cheese with cheese topping.  Second, he wants to cuddle.  Everything else is more like a life stretch goal.

I haven't honestly taken him bikejoring yet, but I do think he could be good at it.  He has a lot of drive and energy, but he is still a bit young.  Honestly, he would be good at anything that involves you shoveling cheese into his mouth, and to satisfy him you will need a big shovel.

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